“MG Bay Area Construction, fully renovated my house. Every time I walk in my house I’m amazed at the quality of work and the short time it took for them to achieve it.

Hannah  Haimovich, Walnut Creek CA.


“My compliments,  MG Bay Area Construction is the best. The complete job has proceeded like a Swiss watch, from our first meeting  throughout the planning and constructions phases and we are ecstatic with the final result. I would highly recommend them”

Loretta  Kenseth,     Piedmont CA.


“Thank you, the quality of workmanship was superior in all aspects. All we can say is great job, and we would never consider or recommend anyone other than MG Bay Area Construction “

Anna  Johnson,  Berkeley CA.


“We are delighted with the results of the remodeling of our home. Just to work with a contractor that ,not only knows what he is doing, but does what he said,  it is a refreshing experience”

Danielle Bayne , Pleasanton  CA.


“To do neat and tidy construction work in a home with people underfoot and living there is indeed a talent.  We simply cannot thank you enough”

Jeff   Barlow,   Orinda  CA.


“We were extremely satisfied with MG Bay Area Construction and we would recommend them to anyone”

David McMurry      Berkeley  CA.